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Do you offer a demo version of the equipment?

We offer online training and webinars. Contact us and we will schedule wit you an online training.

Can we send you our polymer samples to test the technology?

Just send us your HDPE or PE samples, and we will let you know the density of the provided materials.

Is the equipment conform to ISO Standards with regards to polymers determination of density?

Yes, the system follows the ISO 1183 part 1 standard. For thermoplastic polymers such as HDPE, the preparation of the sample follows an ISO standard (ISO 293).

What kind of samples that can be analyzed?

The MVS2PRO™ can analyze any non-porous solid samples. The ISO 1183 standard refers to non-porous plastic polymers. MVS2PRO™ may be used to analyze the density of many other types of solids such as glass and diamonds.

What comparison can be made between the MVS2 PRO and gradient columns? What about reproducibility, accuracy and timing of the results?

MVS2 PRO’s process is completely automatic allowing to obtain an excellent reproducibility and accuracy.

What are the analysis times of a batch of 16 samples?

The equipment is blazing fast! The equipment can a give a result in only 2 minutes for a single sample.
Up to  16 samples can be analyzed in a single batch.

What kind of sample preparation do I need for HDPE analysis?

For HDPE it is enough to prepare the sample with a hydraulic press according to ISO 293.

Can the equipment be placed in the plant without interferences?

We provide a special protection cap.

What other ISO standards does the system comply with?

ASTM D1505, ISO 2781

What method can it replace?

Measurement of density through gradient columns (ISO 1183-2)

Can the MVS2PRO™ be used by unskilled personnel?

The tool is easy to use and understand. The technician will only have to deal with placing the samples.

What are the differences between the gradient column method and the MVS2pro Density system?

Reliability, accuracy and reproducibility are much higher on the MVS2PRO™ system
(up to 100 times better accuracy).

Does the system have an integrated LIMS system?

The equipment comes with our LIMS software, and can be connected to a network for data sharing

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